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About Schatzi's Treasures
What we do: Schatzi's Treasures specializes in toys, beds, and other accessories for cats and dogs. In addition we promote quality pet related products for people such as pet related jewelry, and calendars. Schatzi's Treasures is actually a play on words. "Schatzi" (pronounced 'SHATZEE') means "treasure" in German. So in English, the name of our company is Treasure's Treasures!
Our business history: Family owned and operated, Schatzi's Treasures was established in October, 2001 under the name of "Countryside Crafts". In April of 2002, we changed the name to "Schatzi's Treasures," after our dog Schatzi.
What makes us unique: What sets Schatzi's Tresures apart (besides the fact that it is run by pets!) is our dedication to finding and promoting quality products for pets and their people. Our site is an affiliate based ecommerce store, meaning that we have researched the web to bring you the best quality products related to cats and dogs. When you find products you would like to purchase, you will be forwarded to our supplier's website(s) and all transactions will be handled through them.
Employee Bios

Schatzi is our CEO. The company bears her name because she is the leader of the pack. Although she can be a little ruff on the other employees at times, she never herds anyone!

Director of Marketing

Beowulf is our Director of Marketing. He digs and digs to make sure our company is well represented.

Quality Control Manager

Liebchen is our Quality Control Manager. She is constantly sniffing around to make sure that we are promoting only quality products!

Director of Cat Division

Jericho heads up the Cat Products Division. He makes sure that all of the products featured on our site are purrfect for our cat consumers.


Tabitha is the Queen of Schatzi's Treasures. What does the queen do? About the same as any other cat queen. She sits around and looks pretty!

Camera ShyCathy
The Real Boss (next to Schatzi)

Cathy has worked many years as a seamstress and a dog trainer and done her fair share of pet sitting.

Camera ShyJohn

John is a jack-of-all-trades. Working at different times as a career counselor, teacher, personal fitness trainer, and wedding celebrant (among other things). He also works for Schatzi as the web-site and internet expert.


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